The DAAD Information Centre regularly organises free online information sessions on particular aspects of the German higher education landscape and the DAAD’s range of scholarships. Many German higher education institutions moreover use their cooperation with the DAAD Office in Rome to present their own range of degree programmes through online seminars, enabling students to directly contact the universities and submit their questions to the presenters.

What is an online seminar?

The term refers to an event that takes place online and can be attended via live broadcast.

How do I take part?

Taking part in an online seminar is very simple. You need a computer or other Internet-capable device you can use to access the virtual seminar room via a link. This requires you to have previously registered on the announcement page for the event.

Past Events

Online seminars held by DAAD Italy about Scholarships

Online seminars "Study in Germany" and "Research in Germany"

Here you will find online seminars from Study in Germany and Research in Germany on the topics of studying and researching in Germany.