Learning a new language generally starts in your home country. There are various ways to learn German before setting off for Germany: in Italy, a range of institutions offer language courses and often also the opportunity to gain internationally recognised language certificates.

Goethe-Institut Italy
As a globally operating cultural institute of the Federal Republic of Germany, the Goethe-Institut works to promote the German language abroad and support international cultural cooperation. It also offers a wide range of internationally recognised German language certificates and hosts German language courses at all proficiency levels. The Goethe-Institut’s website moreover provides information on online courses for groups and individuals.

Language centres at universities
Students may wish to avail themselves of the German language courses offered at their university’s language centre for all proficiency levels from complete beginner to advanced learner. For more information we recommend consulting your university’s website or enquiring with the appropriate contacts at your university.

Private language schools
German is one of the most widely spoken and learned languages in the world. Most private language schools therefore offer German language courses at various levels. You can find information on language schools in your city on the Internet.